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>> cenk: we're out of time. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll see you at >> john: nominated g.o.p. and media accuse the obama cabinet of having too many white males which is kind of like her maine cain accusing -- herman cain accusing of too many black people. we'll talk to the man who is the leading voice in the crusade against man-made global warming and it ain't who you think. a new push to demonize illegal immigrants in america. and 23 years ago today my friends, time inc. merged with warner communications to create time-warner. and it is too bad so many of you will never even hear me announce that. this is "viewpoint."
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>> john: good evening. i'm john fuglesang. thank you so much for joining us this evening on "viewpoint." vice president biden says president obama will get hig working group's recommend ailses on curbing gun violence by tuesday. around the time joe biden was making the statements, news broke on the latest american school shooting. a male student was shot in the chest allegedly by another male student armed with a shot gunn at the taft union high school in kern county, california, about 120 miles north of l.a. the alleged shooter is said to be 16 years old. he's alive and in custody. his victim is said to be in critical but stable condition. a teacher who reportedly helped convince the shooter to surrender was lightly wounded with a shotgun pellet and refused treatment at the scene. now, back at the white house vice president biden sat down today with hunters sportsmen and gun owner's groups including the nra the real victims in all of this gun violence, as part of his fact-finding mission for the
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president. before the doors closed, he told reporter what's heard from gun control groups and law enforcement thus far. >> there is a surprising -- so far, a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. not just the closed gun show loophole but total universal background checks. including private sales. there's also a good deal of talk about gun safety. and what responsibility goes along with gun ownership. i've never quite heard as much talk about the need to do something about high-capacity magazines as i've heard spontaneously from every group that we've met with so far. >> john: not every group. not the nra. after today's meeting with mr. biden, the nra released a statement that reads in part...
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>> john: which is something no one is trying to do at all ever. if the nra supporters in congress get in line, toughening gun laws on the federal level could be a tough job indeed. on the state level new york governor and obvious 2016 presidential candidate governor andrew cuomo has laid out a fresh agenda for what he described as a "reasonable balanced and measured gun policy." among the highlights... >> number one enact the toughest assault weapon ban in the nation, period! [ applause ] number two close the private sale loophole by requiring federal background checks. [ applause ] number three ban high capacity magazines. >> john: following the brutal
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school shootings in newtown connecticut last month dan malloy said his state would reject the nra's advice to protect school kids with armed guards in every school as they had at columbine. >> we must balance our respect for individual rights with our obligation to provide for the greater public safety. and when it comes to prepreventing future acts of violence in our schools let me say this... more guns are not the answer. [ applause ] >> john: for more on vice president biden's meetings with gun owners today i'm very pleased to be joined by richard feldman, president of the independent firearms association and author of "ricochet" and an actual attendee at today's session. thank you so much for joining us d is really great to have you. >> good evening. >> john: thank you sir. what can you tell us about your meeting with the vice president today? >> well, i was actually a little surprised. i thought it was more of a conversation than it was a
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lecture. there was a lot of power in that room. the attorney general, obviously the vice president secretary duncan secretary lahood, sullivan, the head of the secret service and about 25 senior counsel and other staff members. and we had a pretty wide-ranging discussion from the difficulties with checks as well as uploading mental records. oddly enough, there were a large number of areas where we were in complete agreement. everyone in that room -- i dare say the every intelligent american citizen opposes violent predatory criminals and mentally deranged people from getting guns. part of our problem in this country is we don't know how to discuss this issue in terms to get agreement rather we often
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talk about this issue in terms that sets us apart. >> john: i couldn't agree more. did you find that to be the case during the meeting today? did things get heated or inflammatory? >> no. it was a very professional, adult discussion. i don't think anyone attending the meeting expected to turn the other people around and have them go mystically, my god you're right. but again, you know, we had a lot of agreement. one of the points i made was the need for serious about criminals to provide the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms with the tools specifically the ninen program that mixes and finds criminals guns and suspects and uses ballistic technology to match them together and solve crimes. we've defunded this program over the last several years instead of funding it. we have things that work but
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sometimes they're noncontroversial and people don't know much about them. but we have to do a better job as americans in finding the things that we agree on that work and move forward on them. >> john: the nra released a statement afterwards and of course i want to remind our viewers, you're not from the nra. their statement read in part we were disappointed in how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. we will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and mad men. that's not what i got from your description the meeting. do you agree with their statement? do you feel that your second amendment liberties are at risk now? >> well, that really all depends on what the proposals are and what happens to them. you know, we live in a democracy. the president, vice president the administration, they have limitations. they can propose legislative ideas and the fight is going to shift on to capitol hill.
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those ideas have to become legislation before they ever become law. >> john: did anyone during this meeting mention conceivably confiscating any gun owner's weapons at all? >> never came up in this meeting today. but you know, let's talk about it for a moment. >> john: please. >> if you really wanted to succeed in a magazine limitation, the only way you could succeed would be to confiscate the 100 million high-capacity magazines that already exist out there. that's part of the problem. to ban the future sale is going to have no impact whatsoever. and it's kind of a fool's errand in my view. instead of focusing on things that will prevent criminals from getting guns, we're talking about the guns. that's part of the problem in our national debate.
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the question should always be in whose hands are the guns? when we focus the question correctly, we find a lot of agreement. when we start dancing around the question gun control what does that mean, well then it's the quintessential two ships in the night talking right past even other. >> john: sir last summer, frank luntz who is not entirely a raging leftist did a poll of nra members. 74% support background checks in all gun sales including private sales between acquaintances. if that's what the majority of nra members believe, do you think the nra leadership and yourself, sir, would get behind regulations like that? >> well, let me tell you what our organization -- our take on the gun show issue. we see a very important distinction between a private sale or transfer. when i sell a gun and i have, to four kinds of individuals and
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i'm not a dealer. i've sold guns to my friends to my family, to my coworkers or to my neighbors. not a lot but over the years here or there. i know who i sold the gun to. if i'm at a gun show, i'm basically in the same position a retail firearms dealer is in. i don't have a clue who's coming over to my table and we support background checks for the transfer of firearms at gun shows because you don't know who you're selling the gun to. >> john: i applaud you for that sir. gang members sell guns to their friends as well. you can't sell a car to a friend without letting the government know you've done it. do you think it should be seizier to sell an automatic weapon to an acquaintance than a vehicle? >> well, talk about a loaded question. we're not even talking about automatic weapons are we? are we talking about class three firearms that have to go through an atf background check?
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>> john: i'm talking about guns period, which 74% of nra members support having background checks for any sales. >> well, you know, some people live in states like new york where that's already the law for handguns. but i wonder how many of your viewers think it's an important idea and it would really contribute to the reduction in crime to put their spouse or their child through a background check before they transfer the gun to them. it's not going to happen. >> john: if it saves one child's life is it worth it? >> let me ask you if it costs one child's life, was it worth it? >> john: i'm not sure how more safety precautions would cost a child's life. >> well, if you give your daughter a gun when she's been threatened that you couldn't give her because it's the weekend and you can't have a background check run on your own daughter and she doesn't have the gun i mean this is the problem. >> john: you can't wait until monday? >> you miss the opportunity to
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focus on the problem. do you think that your daughter is a problem? you would know if your daughter is a problem wouldn't you? in fact, let's look at the newtown situation. adam's mother knew her son was a problem. she violated one of the basic tenants of gun safety swit to always keep your guns secured when not in use. had she had those guns in a gun safe that tragedy couldn't have occurred with those guns. >> john: would you support legislation mandating all guns in american homes be kept in gun safes to save american lives? >> there's no one solution that solves everything. different situations require different approaches. people have to be responsible. when i lived alone, i kept a number of loaded guns in different parts of my house. when i was married and i had kids around the house i kept them all in the gun safe when i wasn't around.
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different situation different result. >> john: i'll take it then that you disagree with the 74% of nra members. i thank you so much for your time and sharing with your with us experience today during the vice president's meeting. pleasure to meet you richard feldman. i thank you and all responsible gun owners for being part of this dialogue. >> thank you. >> john: thank you. for more on the possibility of passing new gun control laws, despite the nra and its allies, i'm happy to be joined by tina dupuy, editor and chief of the contributor and political reporter joe williams. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having me. >> john: you just heard that. i want to thank mr. feldman again but it is clear he is out of the mainstream of registered gun owners. >> did have a couple of points. >>. >> i agree with him on. i don't believe the atf has the budget to enforcer the laws on the books. it is a good point. that's common ground that everyone can come together on and actually agree upon. the thing that was really
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interesting to me is he did this classic thing that everyone who just doesn't want to see anymore gun violence, not even -- doesn't like guns, doesn't like being shot, suddenly, with the -- has to get into what i call weaponese. we have to start talking about assault rifles versus semiauto versus things with scopes or whatever. >> john: i can't give my daughter a gun on saturday because there is a background check on monday. tell her to stay home for the weekend. >> it is high capacity. we want to get into definitions. it is really a booby trap set by gun enthusiasts. we've taken the bait over and over again. >> john: joe did the nra send a message there will be no concessions and we're going to fight this to the death? >> that's the message i heard. and mainly because if something that you've been doing that keeps working, you're going to keep doing it. the nra is one of the most well funded powerful lobbies in
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america. certainly in american political history, they've had their victories and they keep coming. what's interesting however is the fact that we're still talking about it some -- almost a month after the newtown connecticut, tragedy where before, the nra's typical strategy, if you will, would be to sort of lay low, wait for the violence to succumb and then set about entrenching what is already in place and even furthering their ability to control the debate. it's also kind of staggering to me to hear nra people talk about the fact that more guns are going to solve the problem and that whole scenario about having a daughter who's been threatened. that only assumes a, the daughter can actually use the gun in a proper manner and can get the drop on whatever bad guy might be throughout and she wouldn't have the gun either stolen or taken and used against her to cause a tragedy there. so a lot of the arguments are kind of fallacious. they keep getting made over and
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over again. i think it is going to be really difficult to cut through the clatter and get something done that will actually do some good and save some lives. >> john: i want to point out in that left wing frank.luntz survey of nra members 74% of registered nra members support only giving permits to citizens after they pass gun safety training. again, the nra is not in line with its members. we know that both parties are going to use this as a political football. could this conceivably split the g.o.p. house the way the fiscal cliff vote did or will republicans line up lock step behind the nra? >> i think that house republicans are going to have a very, very difficult time with this one. a split seems possible but to me the party and the coalition that's in congress right now that was willing to risk the full faith and credit of the united states and willing to risk it again probably, to my eye, doesn't seem like it will give very much ground on this issue. they know where the contributions come from. they know what's important to their members back home.
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nevertheless, the fact that president obama is putting his weight behind this and has a commission -- headed by vice president joe biden who the nra basically loathes, i think is a very good sign, at the very least, a fight if no substantive action gets done, at least the marker gets put down by the white house and by the people on the left that this issue is not going to go away and that they're going to continue to try to push it to get some reasonable measures in place. >> john: tina and joe will be back in the next segment. i look forward to continuing the conversation can with both of you. the right wing can make all the jokes they want about global warming but you don't see
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>> john: it's not really the best time to be a climate change denier. not only is the anecdotal evidence supporting global climate change, superstorm sandy, t the disappearing ice slights at the north pole becoming ever harder to ignore but science and facts continue to demonstrate that yes climate change is real.
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so no one should really be surprised the last year was the hottest on record for north america, shattering the old record by one entire degree. that may not sound like a lot but keep in mind, if the world's average temperature increases by 5 degrees scientists think sea levels could climb as much as 20 feet causing cities like miami new orleans, to go the route of atlantis. skeptics keep on being skeptics. you are right. climate change science is a sinister conspiracy by the entire world scientific community to slightly reduce corporate profit by convincing people that air pollution is bad. that makes a lot more sense. joining us now via skype is heroic environmentalist and founder of the man who's become the leading face in the movement to raise awareness about climate change, bill mckickin'. it is an honor to have you here on the program. >> very good to be with you. >> john: is it worst that we
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broke the record by one degree or the records have come within the last 15 years? >> probably the latter because those are global figures. the whole planet is warming. this last year was off the charts for the u.s. it was pretty much off the wall. one degree, beating a temperature record by one degree is almost impossible. statistically, an anomaly so enormous that scientists are scratching their heads. but the u.s. is only 2% of the earth's surface. the fact that really the most interesting fact, if you want a number is that there is nobody alive today -- nobody alive today over the age of 27, under the age of 27 who has seen a month colder than the 20th century average. every single month for the last 27 years around this planet has been warmer than the last
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average for the 20th century. that's the kind of world we're building. as you say the temperature going up is bad. the effect of it is what's really bad. we lost the arctic ice sheet this past summer. we broke one of the physical features on the planet. right now in australia we're seeing temperature heat wave fire like nobody's business. it was so hot yesterday in parts of australia this is a little ironic that people couldn't pump gasoline because it was evaporating before it could get in their car. >> john: what about our government? do you think president obama has failed when it comes to dealing with climate change or are you optimistic he will be aggressive on this in the second term? >> we'll find out if he's going to be more aggressive in the second term. fairly soon. the purest, easiest test for him is this giant keystone pipeline. our most important climatologist, jim hanson at nasa said if we burn the canadian tar sands with the pipeline comes from on top of everything else we're burning
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it is game over for the climate. 20 top climate scientists in the u.s. sent president obama a letter saying don't build that pipeline. if he approves it anyway, it will be a pretty strong sign that he's not willing to stand up to the richest industry on earth which afterall, is a powerful industry. joe bill, you know what the response of that is. it means jobs, jobs, jobs, american oil and making our oil here so we're not dependent on foreign oil. even though most will be shipped over to asia. how do you respond to this relentils response we get from the right? >> if you want to find a way to back our economy, the best way is to heat up the planet really fast. super stom sandy is going to cost us a hundred billion. the drought in the midwest $150 billion. the one great economist who's ever studied the total effects of climate change on the global economy, sir nicholas stern in the u.k., estimated the total economic impact would be greater
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than world war i, world world war ii and the great depression combined. so i don't think there's much of an economic argument for heating up the earth. >> john: i agree with you there. it proves climate change is real. we've been through it here already. some people are never going to be convinced no matter how many facts and figures you throw at them. we have friends who are addicted to fox news and they think it is a myth. how do you convince someone? >>i don't spend an enormous amount of time to convince the last holdouts. if you spent your life marinating in rush limbaugh, you're probably not able to take in actual science at this point. the good news is the polling data shows the huge increase in the percentage of americans who understand this is a problem that's what happens. when 80% of american counties have federal declared disasters in the last two years. it is now 74% of americans who are deeply concerned about
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climate change. that's plenty to go to work with. our work at is more about mobilizing those people than trying to persuade the last holdouts. >> john: i was thrilled to have you on the show tonight because over the last year, be you sort of became the face of the climate change movement. the more high profile people like celebrities need to get involved and fast? >> we probably need some better-looking faces than mine at work on this. that would be a help. but the good news is what we really need is lots of people and we're starting to show up. we have divestment movements on 210 campuses where students are demanding their trustees sell their fossil fuel stock. this is the biggest movement in many years. we'll be going to washington on presidents' day weekend. we think with 25,000 people, the biggest environmental demonstration in a generation in d.c. it's beginning to build a movement big enough to take on
9:26 pm
the fossil fuel industry. i don't know whether we can do it fast enough to catch up with the physics. the scientist science is tough here. but at and a lot of other places, people are really trying. >> john: we've got about ten seconds left. does vice president al gore have a future with the movement? >> look, al gore may not be your guy anymore but he's our guy still. no one has done more to bring the news of climate change to the world than al gore. >> john: i agree. founder of the great and brilliant bill mckibben, it is a pleasure having you here. >> thank you very much. >> john: for more, let's bring back etter in chief of the editor tina dupuy and joe williams. thank you both for sticking around. joe, i want to pick up on something bill just said. he's not worried about convincing those who science can't convince. should we try to convert our friends and neighbors and that coworker in the cubicle to believe in climate change or is it best to ignore the deniers?
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>> well, if things continue at pace, we won't have to because all of the predictions that al gore and others have been making about climate change are coming true. not the fact necessarily the earth is getting warmer and that we'll have 70 degree days in january but that the storms will occur more frequently. they'll be more intense. they'll do a lot more damage. i can guarantee you, you go up to new jersey and new york and the coastal areas rockaway beach, you ask people there if climate change is real. people who probably hadn't considered the issue would give you an absolute yes it's real and it destroyed my home. so i think that the polling is going to continue to go up because a lot of people were talking about it in the aftermath of sandy. they're starting to get the message and almost like the gun issue, the people are almost ahead of the politicians in this one in that more people are starting to get the idea this is happening as we get more and more difficult storms, more and more damage and it hits them in the wallet than people straggling behind, still convinced this is not a factor.
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>> john: tina, does president obama need to do more to raise awareness? >> it depends on what your cause is. he always needs to do more until he actually accomplishes it. >> john: fair enough. >> the greatest advocate for climate change is not al gore. it's sandy. i think as we see it happening in front of us, it's going to be self-evident. go ahead. >> john: if you would please. i agree with you on sandy and mayor bloomberg has been a real leader ever since. with the republican house, what can the president do to try to fight climate change? >> well, i think that he needs to take on -- there is a huge industry that is -- actively campaigning against climate change and actively sowing the seeds of skepticism when it comes to climate denial. they're very effective at that. those are people who pad their pockets with oil money. every time that we have winter, that somehow shows we're not having global warming right? because look, it snowed.
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and not knowing that the weather is not actually what climate is and being able to educate people as to the difference, but when you have these superstorms that are coming it doesn't matter if there was a cold day you know, we almost lost our biggest city. >> john: now we're having the storm of the century every other year. joe, last fall, al gore called on president obama to include a carbon tax in his fiscal cliff negotiations. that didn't happen. a lot of progressives were rooting for it. do you think -- you jump in, tina, if you want, do you think there's any chance we'll see this president say the words carbon tax? >> cap and trade was a republican idea they abandoned just like they abandoned their healthcare initiative. the individual mandate was something that nixon came out with. basically, the formula is -- republican idea and obama says that's a great idea, suddenly it is no longer a good idea when you're a republican. >> exactly. if it comes out of the president's mouth chances are it is a nonstarter among a certain segment.
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remember, we had a convention not too long ago in tampa where president obama was actually mocked by the republican nominee, mitt romney, for suggesting that he would do something about the rising temperatures and rising oceans. i think it is incumbent upon president obama to do something. i think he will do something. will it be a sweeping change? i highly doubt that because not only do you have a core segment of the republican coalition that's dead set against this but you also have several oil state democrats, mary landrieu comes to mind. joe manchin of west virginia, who would be dead set against any kind of cap and trade. any kind of carbon tax. anything that they think would cost them jobs and therefore cost the election. but the counter argument to that, the evidence is impossible to ignore. if we're talking about snow, we're talking about snowpocalypse. here in d.c. we're talking about superstorm sandy, the confluence of three different weather fronts that
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caused such destruction. bill mckibben was right. it becomes an economic issue at its fundamental core. i think the public is starting to see that and i think they're ahead of the politicians on this one. >> john: fighting climate change is good capitalism. tina you don't pew editor in chief of the contributor. joe williamss, thank you both for joining me this evening. >> thank you. >> john: now that ultra conservatives have failed, we'll see their new strategy to fail again in the exact same wayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay
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d get. >> i'm an extremely loving, passionate man and people who investigate me honestly without the baggage of political correctness ascertain the conclusion that i'm a damn nice guy and if you can find a screening process more powerful than that, [ bleep ] how's that sound?
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>> john: you know, one of the great things about the 2012 presidential election is that it presented issues to the american people where a clear contrast existed between president obama and governor romney. the issue of how women should be treated in our society while governor romney wanted them placed in binders only to be taken o down for special occasions, the president held the radical point of view they should all be treated equal toy men. the american people heard the two arguments and they seem to have made their choice but it does seem apparent not everyone has accepted said choice. one of those who chose to not listen to the american people, former g.o.p. vice vice president america's sweetheart, paul don't call me eddie munster ryan. ryan is one of 17 congressmen cosponsoring the sanctity of human life act. a bill that believes all humans
9:38 pm
are sacred, sponsored by all pro death penalty politicians which gives a human zygote all of the privileges of personhood. the republicans who support the bills again support the death penalty so they're pro some life. by the way if life begins at conception and the drinking age should begin at 20 years three months. a similar personhood bail failed in 2011 and it has also failed in several states including mississippi. yes, that mississippi did not pass this personhood bill. but failure does not deter the extreme right. which also brings us to immigration. while the american people clearly voted against mitt romney's immigration policy featuring self-deportation, something his great granddad did to keep winders full of wives some moved forward anyway. kansas secretary of state kris kobach who is no stranger to some would say racist immigration policies. this is the fine patriot who wrote alabama and arizona's immigration laws and it doesn't get more backwards thinking than
9:39 pm
those. now mr. kobach is hoping kansas's more conservative legislature will consider one of four anti-immigration bills despite several similar bills being stalled by the state last year. it is almost as if these guys don't realize that no means no. joining me now to try to make sense of the senseless i'm so happy to welcome rachel sklar founder of the list, a hub for women in technology. comedian pappas and mr. jim david, comedian and author of "you'll be swell." welcome. >> happy new year to you all. >> john: i look forward to reading it. i'll wait for my copy. personhood bills are widely unpopular. the oklahoma supreme court said they're unconstitutional. knowing it is never going to pass, isn't this a way to pander to the base to try to raise some campaign cash early in 2013 or does they seriously think they'll get a bill like this passed? >> i think it is a little bit of both. i think it is never a mistake for the far right to prove the
9:40 pm
bona fides by standing with the uber faithful and you know, like they just throw stuff against the wall and think that sometimes things will stick and sometimes they do. this is where the most conservative laws originate and you know, where sometimes they do get things to stick. i think that's what paul ryan is hoping for. >> paul ryan has a soft spot for zygotes because he did run a marathon when he was a zygote. he's just doing it because he ain't got nothing else to do. i hope he keeps talking. >> john: it's not looking like they're trying to create jobs or anything. here's my theory on our republican friends. i have nothing against people who want to repeal abortion rights because of their beliefs. go forward. it is a free country. >> i have something against that. >> john: i have nothing against their right to fight for it. even if i don't agree with them. it is a free country. however, the g.o.p., if you have republican family or friends or if you have christian family or friends, you probably have seen
9:41 pm
g.o.p. mailings where it is always about fund-raising using abortion. number one fund-raising tool. if they ever outlawed abortion, that money would dry up. they had six years under president bush where they controlled the white house the house and the senate. they could have defunded planned parenthood before breakfast on day one. they didn't even try to do it. aren't they just hustling their pro-life base for money? am i being fair? >> sounds like you got it. sounds like you nailed it. >> john: i'm not saying they're secretly pro-choice. it seems a bit disingenuous. >> they may be pro-choice when it affects them and their own illicit relationships alleged. i'm not talking about an actual person here. >> it never fails to amaze me that they keep doing the -- like we want the government out of our lives but in your vaginas and i do not want the government in my have have a vagina. s. >> john: i want to bleach that
9:42 pm
imagery from my mind. congressman paul broun has reduced the bill. he's on the science committee despite saying that evolution is a myth from the pit of hell as opposed to talking snakes. by the way any offended christians evolution has nothing against jesus and creationism has nothing to do with what geezous stood for. so what happens to science and facts? are these guys this myopic? >> they get no respect. we paid more respect to like the mayan rumor that the world was going to end because some mayan dude smoked a pipe. >> someone got the date wrong and it is around the corner. >> i guess so. scientists do research and studies and i don't know. >> facts. >> i guess they need a little more charisma. take charisma classes or something. >> they put guys on the science committee that don't believe in science. they put michele bachmann on the intelligence committee which is like putting monkeys in charge of personal hygiene. i love michele bachmann.
9:43 pm
i want her to stick around. >> john: all comedians love her. >> the congresswoman from minnesota. >> your love for michele bachmann not withstanding, it is very clear that there's a very specific agenda that has nothing to do with science. nothing to do with observation fact, making decisions based on those things. it is very clear-cut forward-looking, unbreakable agenda which is why paul ryan keeps coming back with personhood bills. >> john: i think you're right rachel. some are determined to have less women vote g.o.p. every year. i don't know how they're going to get around that problem. yan is, they were only warning us about the movie "2012". for a peek at what's coming up next on "say anything" with joy behar, please welcome the alpha omega, my future wife, joy behar. >> joy: thanks john. on tonight's "say anything," i'll talk to marlon wayans about his movie "haunted house."
9:44 pm
are the ghosts in mrs. muir old film about a ghost also white? >> white people going to live forever. black people, when we die we dead. we sleepin'. we work too hard. you know what? that white man have me working too hard. >> joy: patrick swayze in ghost was a white guy also. >> it is like the oscars. >> joy: speak of things that don't exist i'll also talk about the nra's attempt at rational discussion plus i'm sitting down with the smoothest man in um, hello. these ugly stains are ruining my good looks and style. and good luck using that cleaner. excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it. you need lime-a-way. lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. it's 4 times more effective at removing
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lime scale than the leading bathroom cleaner. see the lime-a-way difference or your money back.
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>> john: in a feat of upside political acrobatics, president obama stands accused of having a white house cabinet that's too male. our first half black president who gave us our first hispanic supreme court justice and our first openly transgendered political appointee is being slammed by republicans and the
9:48 pm
republicans for only naming male secretaries. it has been tough on the president's image and in fact here's the image right now. this picture from the white house web site has been making obama and his senior advisers look like the 30-year reunion of the omega theta pi fraternity house. there's valerie jarrett right there. is this a hiccup in the advance of diversity and is it fair of republicans of all people to criticize president obama on a lack of diversity? >> pot calling the kettle white. >> let the man speak! >> john: rachel sklar yannis pappas and -- >> it is not fair that women have to wait to to be acknowledged when photos come out that are
9:49 pm
100% white and women say hey just happened to let you know the ratio might be a bit off. people are like oh, what about this bean counting? i ran an organization so i may be familiar with this. it is a common phenomenon across all industries and you did expect a bit more from obama after 2012, after sort of the sea change in the electorate and particular emphasis on women that the cabinet would be a little bit more reflective of the electorate of the country. >> this panel is very white right now. i was expecting it to be more diverse. i'm disappointed in you. >> transgender person. >> it is hard to be a white guy these days. >> let me tell you just how bad i feel for you. >> john: in fairness, i'm confused. >> i thought about this. it really doesn't -- this whole
9:50 pm
thing doesn't bother me because we have a black president to. me that, covers a lot. and we have -- he appointed women in the supreme court -- and he appointed women in the supreme court and so i'm just willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as to who he chooses. >> you don't need to worry about anybody else. >> that's not true. i think it maybe is charlie rangel blowing -- it's not diverse enough! i can see how people would be upset about it. >> john: i'm inclined to agree with both sides. >> well played! >> john: let me explain why. yes, we did expect more from this particular president. i will say that president bush had 24% women in his appointees. obama is at 35%. women are a 1% of the world -- world --51% of the world population. at the same time, i don't think fox news or most of the corporate media or the republican party have any right to criticize anyone for lack of diversity. >> here's the thing. if mitt romney had been elected
9:51 pm
we all would have been -- >> john: yes. does it take away from the advances he's had. two female supreme court justices. >> it doesn't take away at all. i think the mistake is holding those things up that are corrective saying hooray, we're done. if they're corrective, we're still ending up baseline at a position where we need to improve on. i think when you're talking about the highest levels of leadership and these photographs that the world sees as representing leadership, they're all men mostly white that does send a message. >> john: i do think we'll see the obama administration responding to this responsibly. >> hooray. >> john: hilda solis is resigning. we'll see if there is a female nominee for labor. i hope they're going to get the message. you mentioned great leadership. i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. [ laughter ] >> john: while we have time, speaking of america's sweetheart now donald rumsfeld is releasing a book called rumsfeld's rules. i think it is about don't call
9:52 pm
the guy for three days after the date. it is his little witticisms, i think we have a few of them lined up here. but it is donald rumsfeld more or less got a second book deal. a seven-figure deal on this. phillip roth can't get a book deal. >> snooki got a book deal. >> john: it is really cute. i'm sure guys will buy it for their dads if there are no new clancy books. >> that's such a nuanced question. i think that that's like such a ridiculous spectrum. it is stunning. i'm going to start with it is stunning to go to a 7-figure book deal. i have no idea. >> it is going to be porn and he's going to call it "50 shades of denial." he's going to have s & m in it. >> i'll never be able to erase that image, thank you. >> john: i think that 600,000
9:53 pm
dead iraqi civilians might take issue with his popularity continuing. i like that we mix it up. rachel sklar founder of the list. comedian yannis pappas, thank you for joining us. rosa parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. ted nugent refused to sit in the back of a classroom or anyplace where he might learn stuff. that's next.
9:54 pm
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